Set List

2/26/2011: Do you have a photo of Hoagy? Send it in!

Here’s a list of all the Hoagy songs that I’ve used as posts, with a link to the photo:

(Hello Hoagyland) — The first post.

A Perfect Paris Night

After Twelve O’Clock

After You What Then

Ain’t There Anyone Here for Love?

Amazing What Love Can Do

And So It Starts

And So It Starts, Pt. 2

Any Similarity is Just Coincidental

At the Garden Gate

The Attitude of Doin’ Right

Baltimore Oriole


Behold, How Beautiful

Boneyard Shuffle

Bread and Gravy

Break it Up Cinderella

Bustin’ Out of Doors

Calliope Jane

Can’t Get Indiana Off My Mind

Charlie Two-Step

Chimes of Indiana

Chimes of Indiana, Pt. 2

Christmas in the Magic Islands

Christmas in the Magic Islands, Pt. 2

Close Beside You


College Swing



Cranky Old Yank (in a Clanky Old Tank)



Do Your Ears Even Burn?

Don’t Care — for the Heck of It

Don’t Forget to Say No Baby


Dreams, Pt. 2



Everything Happens to Me


Fleur De Lys

From Nikki’s Garden

Give me Tonight

Ginger and Spice

The Great American Dream

The Great American Dream, Pt. 2

Greeting Gate

Hands Across the Border

Hands Across the Border, Pt. 2

Happy New Year

High and Dry

Hoagy Carmichael’s Melody

How Nice for Me

I Found Love Again

I Get Along Without You Very Well

I love You Like My Old Felt Hat

I Should Have Known You Years Ago

I Walk with Music

I’m Gonna Saddle Up a Cloud

I’m Havin’ a Party

I’m Only Happy That’s All

If You’re List’ning to This Record

In My Wildest Dreams

In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening

In the Fashion

In the Still of the Night

Jimmy Looked Up

Junkman Song

Just a Shade on the Blue Side

Just a Shade on the Blue Side

Kinda Lonesome

Lamplighters Serenade


Little Mousey Brown

Look Out Below

Lovers Hukailau

The Lucky Level

The Lucky Level, Pt. 2

Lyin’ to Myself

Maid of Mist

Mamma Mockingbird

Manhattan in the Spring

March of the Hoodlums

March of the Hoodlums

Maybe You Know What I Mean

Maybe You Know What I Mean, Pt. 2

Meanin’ Nuttin’ Personal

Monkey Song


Music in the Barn

My Introduction to Love

My Resistance is Low

No More Blues

The Old Music Master

One Morning in May

One Morning in May

Ooh, What You Said


Pleeza, No Peencha the Da Hula Girls

Poor Old Joe

Put Yourself in My Place Baby

Queenie the Quick Change Artist

Riding High

Riding High, Pt. 2

She’s My Darling for That

She’s My Darling for That, Pt. 2

The Show is On

Sing Me a Song of Nonsense, Pocketful of Love

Sittin’ and Whittlin’

Sleepy Hollow Home

Slow and Funny


Snow Drifts in my Heart

The Song of Long Ago

The Song of Long Ago, Pt. 2

Songs for Children

So Tired


That’s Right — I’m Wrong

There Goes Another Pal of Mine

There She Was True to Life

Things Have Changed

Things Have Changed, Pt. 2

Wait Til You See Me in the Morning

Washboard Blues

What Kind of Man is You

When the Frost is on the Punkin

The White World of Winter


Winter Moon

Wrap Yourself in Cellophane

You Got Me Under Your Thumb

Yum Yum

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  1. This is wonderful. I love it. Not only the songs Hoagy wrote, but everything about this site. It is truly amazing. Thank you!

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